No change in the world without empowered women
In this podcast, Dorothea Bauer and Majdoleen Hassan talk about migration from a feminist perspective. Majdoleen is both a feminist and a human rights activist. She has been fighting for human and women’s rights her whole life – first in her home country Syria, then in Lebanon, and finally in Austria. As a certified lawyer, Majdoleen brings a rich understanding to exploring the intersection between migration, social welfare, and (gender) inequality.


Contributor: Dorothea Bauer
Interviewee: Majdoleen Hassan
Language: English

This podcast was produced in a course on crisis communication in refugee aid that was led by Yannick Wagner and financed through the ReTrans project.

Suggested citiation:
Bauer, D. (Host). (2023). War & Women [Audio Podcast] Retrieved from