The Complete Guide to Humanitarian Interpreting

Benchmarking among humanitarian interpreters

Is it hard for you to keep track of the different settings of humanitarian interpreting? Join Natalia Ng as she interviews Juliana and Selçuk on their experience as humanitarian interpreters. Juliana interprets in refugee contexts and Selçuk is employed by the Regional Police Department of Lower Austria. The two of them couldn’t work in more different settings, yet they give us similar insights into the ethical challenges they have faced and their success stories.

Benchmarking among humanitarian interpreters

by Natalie Ng | Interview with Juliana & Selçuk


Contributor: Natalie Ng
Interviewee: Juliana & Selçuk Not audible in the podcast
Language: English

This podcast was produced in a course on crisis communication in refugee aid that was led by Yannick Wagner and financed through the ReTrans project.

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Ng, N. (Host). (2023). Benchmarking among humanitarian interpreters [Audio Podcast] Retrieved from