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Whether you hear a plane pass by or someone stands too close to you, such everyday occurrences may cause an emotional crisis. Join Tatiana Slavetc as she sits down with two Austrian psychotherapists specializing in crisis intervention. The podcast primarily focuses on the meaning of the term “crisis intervention.” However, the experts also break down different crisis intervention strategies, the challenges of working with Ukrainian refugees, and the skills required to handle emotional crises.

Krisenintervention als akute Flüchtlingshilfe

by Tatiana Slavetc | Interview with Alina & Alexander


Contributor: Tatiana Slavetc
Interviewee: Alina & Alexander
Language: German

This podcast was produced in a course on crisis communication in refugee aid that was led by Yannick Wagner and financed through the ReTrans project.

Suggested citiation:
Slavetc, T. (Host). (2023). Krisenintervention als akute Flüchtlingshilfe [Audio Podcast] Retrieved from