On 11 March 2024. the Center for Applied Game Studies at (University for Continuing Education Krems) and the Centre for Translation Studies (University of Vienna) invite you to the ReTrans Multiplier Event “Interpreting Studies meets Game Studies”. At the multiplier event, participants will get to know the “ReTrans Stories”, which serve as training material for interpreters in the context of working with refugees. Possible use cases for the ReTrans Stories will be demonstrated and discussed. In the workshop phase of the multiplier event, participants will develop their own ideas for interactive stories and explore decision-making processes in the context of interpreting for refugees.


Moderated by Natalie Denk and Simon Wimmer from the Center for Applied Game Studies, the multipier event will explore the following questions together with experts and the participants:

  • What characterises the “ReTrans Stories”?
  • In which context can the “ReTrans Stories” be used?
  • What ideas do the participants have for the realisation of further interactive stories?
  • What decision-making processes are involved in interpreting for refugees?

How to Participate:

The multiplier event will take place on site at the University of Vienna. More details regarding the location (seminar room) will follow.

Please note that the event will be held in German.

Please fill in the following form to register:

Download: Safe the Date (German) as pdf